Jak & Fox Celebrate their New Logo

Jak & Fox's New Phoenix Logo

Jak & Fox has stylistically evolved since its inception. We have always believed in making a positive and lasting impression through our bold statement jewelry and accessories. Our collections offer a variety of opportunities to access different aspects of your personality and style from the everyday minimalist pieces to those show stopping handmade jewels for going out. We have even ventured into sunglasses this year!

As a minority owned and operated business our core principals have remained focused on inclusivity, representation of diversity and supporting animal rescue shelters. This is why we knew the best way to represent our current brand would be the emblem of a phoenix. The phoenix is the ultimate symbol of transformation, rebirth, strength, and the renewal of spirit.

It brings hope in the midst of despair. Everyone experiences tough times and it can be difficult to pull ourselves out. During these cycles, we can look to the phoenix as a symbol of strength and renewal to keep on fighting. The trials we encounter in our lives remind us to look within for strength and find hope for the future. The phoenix reminds us that after death comes rebirth so we must continue to reconnect with ourselves to live authentically.

At Jak & Fox it was important for us that the phoenix be truly unique and have a modern flare. We have created the new logo out of one continuous line and will be incorporating this symbol into upcoming patterns that will debut in the collection in new exciting ways.

Did you know we have been working on a candle line!? We can't wait to share with you the beautiful scents this Winter!

Stay tuned.

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